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Thanks to Mainstream Media, the Public Are Clueless About Cryptocurrency

Did you hear that bitcoin’s dead? Or how about the new coin that’s going to be the next ethereum? Also, there’s this cryptocurrency called verge that experts are tipping to make huge gains this year. And let’s not...

ECB Board Member: Crypto Is ‘Contagion And Contamination’ Infecting The Global Financial System

ECB board member says crypto is at risk of “contamin[ating]” the global financial system, asks for more regulation before crypto becomes too interconnected #NEWS Powered by WPeMatico

The Rise and Fall of Ripple is a Case Study in Mass Hysteria

Through late 2017 and early 2018, ripple was the darling of cryptocurrency. Mainstream media couldn’t get enough of it, South Koreans couldn’t get enough of it, and nor could crypto newcomers, who had XRP top of their shopping...